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Get Ready to Soar Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.

There’s absolutely no other feeling in the world like indoor skydiving.

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of skydiving, but didn’t want to commit to jumping out of an airplane? Almost everyone wants to fly, and flying your body in a column of wind is one of the purest forms of flight there is. It allows you to freely fly your body and effortlessly control your movements.

Overview of Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving is an activity that almost anyone can partake in. Participants wear gear that includes a jumpsuit, goggles, a helmet, eye protection, and earplugs (for the noise). Each participant will fly within a column of wind created by a vertical wind tunnel. Flyers are accompanied by a rated safety instructor that helps flyers learn to control their bodies within the airflow.

During a flight experience, you will be guided by an instructor through all the necessary classroom information, given your flight gear, and taken into the wind tunnel. Once in the tunnel your instructor provides a safe 1-on-1 flying experience, guiding and teaching you how to fly your body.