ASVI Programs


ASVI Calgary has worked hard to provide programming that both challenges and entertains. Programs target all age groups and has included:

  • Sailing on Glenmore Reservoir;
  • Self Defense;
  • Elephant Encounters at the Zoo;
  • Cooking Classes;
  • Sleigh Rides;
  • Pet Adventures;
  • Rafting Trips;
  • Wall Climbing;
  • Mystery Theatre;
  • Pyjama Parties;
  • Calaway Park;
  • Butterfield Acres;
  • Science Centre;
  • Mad Science and even Space Camp at the U.S. Space and Rocket Centre in Alabama and a hands on experience working with whales off the BC coast.

ASVI Calgary also hosts the Braille Challenge and has been offering summer jobs for students with Vision Loss since 2004. Unfortunately the summer employment program has been suspended this year pending funding.

Visit our Upcoming Events and if you don’t see what you like, then send an email to to let us know what you would like to have included.


In addition to support, ASVI Calgary has provided much needed programs and workshops for parents that in the past have included:

  • Learning Braille Basics;
  • Dealing With Your Child’s Technology Needs;
  • Issues Facing Children With Vision Loss;
  • What Should You Expect From Your Child’s Education;
  • If and When is the Right Time for a Guide Dog;
  • What About Orientation and Mobility;
  • Low Vision: Does My Child Really Need to Learn Braille?;
  • What Does Independence Really Mean?;
  • What Kind of Funding Can a Parent Get Help With?;
  • Can I Really Expect My Child to Become Fully Employed as an Adult?;
  • Internet Safety;
  • FSCD Information Session;
  • Self Esteem.

If you are interested in one of the above or another topic, please email to let us know.


ASVI Calgary is committed to helping educators of the visually impaired to access necessary skill development. So in addition to providing funding for courses and conferences, ASVI Calgary organized and sponsored the following workshops:

  • Braille Math with Susan Osterhaus from the Texas School for the Blind;
  • Braille Music with Betty Krolick, author of the acclaimed book – Braille Music;
  • Helen Guerrette with Fondation Mira who spoke about the importance of Orientation and Mobility as well as discussing the issues related to Guide Dogs;
  • Linda Mamer from the CNIB in Toronto who spoke about Braille Music and the importance of Braille.

These workshops were attended by vision teachers across the province.

As well, ASVI Calgary funds the Literary Braille Certificate through the CNIB.

Funding Available

Students requiring adaptive equipment and software will now be able to apply for funding from ASVI Calgary.