About ASVI

Non-Profit Society

ASVI is a registered non-profit society with a Northern and Southern Chapter and Provincial Council. ASVI evolved in 1969 as a resource to parents with children with vision loss. Its mandate grew to include educational and recreational programming for both parents and their children. ASVI has worked to ensure access to adaptive materials and technology so that students with vision loss have an equal access to the same education as other students in the province. Some of these students have gone on to become teachers, lawyers and musicians among many other professions.


ASVI and Educators

Teaching blind and visually impaired students requires educators that are familiar with the adaptations needed for success. Alberta Education in partnership with ASVI provides bursaries for educators to further their studies in the educating of persons with vision loss as well as funding for braille courses, workshops and other relevant programming.


ASVI and Parents

ASVI believes that many positive and essential changes occur when parents are included as partners in the special education of their children. ASVI provides training, access to specialized courses and meetings for parents and their children to share their experiences and ideas, as well as provide a forum to exchange information about resources, services and agencies. ASVI believes that education for parents with visually impaired and blind children will lead to proper intervention and access to necessary resources and contributes to the development of a more confident and successful student.


ASVI Membership

Membership with ASVI consists of individuals committed to ensuring and enhancing the opportunities for blind and visually impaired children. They include parents, aides and other educators, visually impaired and blind adults and other interested persons.


Advocating for Students With Vision Loss

Our concerns are for the total well-being, proper education, and provision of necessary adaptations for children living with a vision loss. We are committed to working for improvements throughout the province, plus to collaborate and support the Office of the Minister of Education, Alberta Education, Alberta Learning, Vision Resource Centre, ASRAB and the CNIB.


ASVI Programs

ASVI has a number of different programs for Students, Parents and Educators, as well as funding available for students requiring adaptive equipment and software. Click here to visit the ASVI Programs page for more information.